Our Services

Done-For-You Negotiation

You’ve got a dispute, joint venture, sales agreement, lease, or other project that you just need off your plate. We offer complete done-for-you negotiation and mediation that will bring your deal to closure with maximum cost efficiency. Our ability to come up to speed quickly, recommend a negotiation strategy, and get the deal done saves you time and money.


Strategy Development and Second Chair Negotiator

You need a deal done, and want expert pre-negotiation strategies set out before you meet with the other party. We will meet with you to assess and build your best set-up for negotiation. If needed, we can serve as your second chair or be available for phone consultation during your meetings.


Coaching and Training

You want to get executive-level coaching to be a better deal-maker, or you would like your legal or sales staff to get group training in negotiation set-up and bringing deals to closure. We provide coaching in person or by phone anywhere in the world. We can provide training customized to your company’s specific needs.