Who is your one-on-one negotiation coaching for?

I work with the owners of small businesses, professional service providers, and entrepreneurs.  One on one coaching is a minimum of 4 sessions so that we can cover all aspects of negotiation preparation and set up, strategies, and closing the deal.  Coaching is usually by phone and can be set up with you no matter your geographical location through SKYPE or web cam.  We’ll also do a brief, 15 minute phone call to make sure what I offer will give you what you need.  To schedule an introductory phone call please email support@businessnegotiationservices.com.  

Who is negotiation training for?

I train contract negotiators, purchasing agents, buyers, and groups of professional service providers.  I also train for professional organizations whose members need to know more about how to make good business deals and how to look at and interpret the numbers on the table during a deal.  Training costs are dependent on the topics you need training for and the size of the group, and travel costs to and from your location.  I also offer virtual training by WebCam, teleseminar, or webinar.  Contact support@businessnegotiationservices.com for additional information.

What does negotiation prep and second chair negotiation include?

Preparing for doing a business deal is key if you want a successful deal.  The better you set up your goals and strategies the simpler and smoother your negotiation will be.  Negotiation prep takes you through a set process that leaves nothing to chance, allows you to be very clear about your goals, and prepares you for your opening strategy as well as a Plan B and, if needed, a Plan C strategy.  We talk by phone or in person as much as is needed to complete your pre-negotiaiton strategy.

If you want my support as your second chair, I’m there.  I can be available by phone during your meeting, physically available out of the room, or sit beside you.  The choice is yours and is based on your own comfort level. 

Costs for negotiation prep and (if needed) second chair support depend on size and complexity of the contract.  We’ll determine the scope in an introductory conversation.

Why would I need done-for-you negotiation?

Many entrepreneurs, small business owners, and service professionals are far too busy to take the time to adequately plan and carry out negotiations.  And many times you are expert in what you do but not expert in negotiation.  I offer done-for-you negotiation for those executives and professionals who know what they want to accomplish but frankly don’t want to carry it out themselves, and have no executive staff to do it.