Someone Copying Your Work? Here’s How to Protect It

“It’s not nice to copy another person’s work”.  Isn’t that what your mother taught you when you were little?  Strange as it seems, finding out that someone is copying your work, such as sales letters, websites and materials seems to be a common problem in the internet marketing community and comes up quite frequently.  In […]

How to Respond to Customer Service Degradation

Are American companies really interested in retaining their customers by keeping previously offered service?  The quick answer is yes, but several recent events regarding customer service, have made me think otherwise. Consider the following: Three major hotels chains upped their requirements for redeeming customer loyalty points for free night stays.  Hilton went so far as […]

Three More Mistakes to Avoid in Making your Initial Offer

How well you make your initial offer will set the tone of the negotiation and may make the difference between getting a deal and getting a really good deal.  Here are three easy mistakes to avoid in making your initial offer.  Making your starting offer too high:  You over estimate the value of what you […]

Negotiation Tip – Anchoring Your Price in Negotiation

I mentioned anchoring your price in a recent article and have been asked what is anchoring and how does it work?  Let’s say you are buying a piece of used equipment from another company.  It has the features you want and you want to buy it.  After doing your research, the equipment retails new for […]

Horton hears a “No!”

This is Dr. Seuss’ birthday week; I hope my blog doesn’t make me a geek.If you are in a negotiation fog, get clear by reading this blog: Horton hears a “No!” Horton makes an ambitious offer to start the negotiation, he hears a loud “NO” much to his consternation. Did the buyer really flinch, or is he […]

Five Negotiating Tips on Responding To a Low-Ball Offer

Sooner or later you are going to receive a low-ball offer. It could be an offer for your house, a business proposal, an insurance claim, a service you are providing, or an item you are selling.  How you respond is going to set the style and tone of the negotiation going forward. First, before you […]

Three Mistakes to Avoid in Making your Initial Offer

How do you present the offer so that it stands a reasonable chance of being accepted?  Say it like you mean it!  By this I mean that you should present your offer with confidence.  Here are three mistakes to avoid in making your initial offer. Some negotiators make their offer like they are ashamed of […]

Negotiation Tips on Making the Initial Offer

You have done your homework, set your goal and are ready to make your initial offer. There is an art in making your initial offer. Here are some negotiating tips: You have a range of what you would be willing to accept for the service or product. Do you go for the full amount or […]

The 5 Pitfalls of Partnerships

We all like the synergism of a partnership. Two heads are better than one. Here are five pitfalls of a partnership that can negate that leveraging of the minds and spiral a business into oblivion. The first is lack of a partnership agreement. When the partners or joint venturers get together, they are at the […]

Protecting Your Intellectual Property Rights (Work for Hire)

Are you protecting your Intellectual Property rights or are you giving them away?  A lot of entrepreneurs give away their Intellectual Property without realizing it until it’s too late.  Here is a short quiz to test your Intellectual Property savvy: 1) You are commissioned to write an article as part of a book.  Can you […]