Negotiation Tips – Home on the (Negotiation) Range

When making an initial offer in a negotiation, should you offer a definitive number or offer a range?  In other words do you tell a prospective buyer “The price is $200,000 or the price is between $150,000 and $200,000”?  In a previous blog I said: “Another mistake is making the offer indefinite.  If you say: […]

Negotiation Tip – Learn to Read the Negotiation Clues

How effective are you in a negotiation at reading the clues the other party leaves for you?  If you are so intent on talking and justifying your position, you may overlook valuable information the other party is telling you.  If you misread the clues or worse, miss them completely, you may be sitting at an […]

Three Negotiation Tips for a Better Negotiation

Here are three quick tips to make your negotiations go better and reach a winning agreement: Tip Number 1: Get over the need to compete.   If you approach a negotiation as a win-lose situation, then you will end up with exactly that.  Good negotiators know that while competition is part of the negotiation process, […]

Negotiating tip: How Do You Know If You Are There Yet?

How do you determine whether to stick your ground, throw in the towel or accept and offer when negotiating?  In other words how do you know if you are there yet?  If you have to ask this question, you have missed one the most important steps in negotiating and that is preparation.  My big three […]

Three Ways Negotiation Can Improve Your Bottom Line

We are all looking for ways to improve our profit.  Increased sales are one way, but how could you improve your bottom line without increasing sales?  Here are three ways you can improve it through negotiation.  First, consider that you have an item for sale for $125, with a profit margin of 20 percent or […]

Negotiation Tip –Eye Contact In Negotiations

Body language is important in communications for both the sender and the receiver.  Eye contact is an important facet of body language and in negotiating.  Imagine you are in a social situation and the person across from you looks down and starts texting. How would you feel – angry, not important, unheard or discounted?  That […]

Three Problems in Team Negotiations and How to Solve Them

There is nothing worse than to be in negotiations and you get blind-sided or derailed not by the other side but by one of your team members.  Here are a couple of problems in team negotiations and how to solve them: A team member is trying to advance his own agenda. You are in negotiations […]

Negotiation Tactics – Leaving the Negotiating Table

Sometimes it is to your advantage to leave the negotiation table and sometimes you are the one left.  What are legitimate reasons and what are traps set by the other party to snare you?  Here are three tactics and how should you react to them. 1. Calling a Recess, Timeout or Caucus.  Both sides in a […]

Are You Prepared to Negotiate?

I have emphasized many times the need to be prepared to negotiate as that is the most important phase of the process. This is especially true if you are involved in team negotiations. I was in a meeting to discuss hiring a property manager for a condominium association recently and we discussed what we wanted […]

Keeping Your Negotiation in Perspective

When negotiating you need to keep your negotiation in perspective. Your perspective helps you set your goal but you need to remember that how you view the negotiation and its issues are different from how the other party perceives the negotiation and the issues. I was reminded of this when my wife and I were […]