Why Negotiate?

I worked with someone not long ago who did not negotiate with the buyers when she sold her company, and now she regrets it, is unhappy with the price she got for it,  and feels like she was taken advantage of.  What keeps us from asking for more?   Here are just a few of the […]

Establishing your Goal in Negotiation

When you start preparing for negotiations, one of the critical items is to establish your goal.  A lot of people assume that your negotiation goal is to get the best price.  Usually it’s not that, but a higher objective, such as getting the best value or establishing a business relationship or becoming a preferred supplier.  […]

Channeling to Get What You Want in Negotiations

Have you ever gone to a restaurant and the waiter tells you the specials and the meatloaf is really good?  You think “Why not, I’ll try it.”  Guess what, you have been channeled.  Channeling is a simple negotiation technique where you guide the other side to where you want to go.  You are offering choices, […]

Seven tips for negotiation preparation to selling your collectible

Have you ever watched one of the reality shows (my favorite is Pawn Stars) and see someone make a complete fool of themselves when they go to negotiate to sell their collectible? They stand in front of the camera and declare I want $5,000 for this and I won’t take less than $2,000. After negotiating […]