Negotiating Tip -Beyond the Box; Expanding the Pie

In a previous blog I asked if you were an out-of-the-box negotiator.  Personally, I don’t see how you can be an effective negotiator if you stay in your box.  Here’s why.  If you enter a negotiation without alternatives or options than you are setting yourself and the other party up to accepting an outcome that […]

Are You an Out of The Box Negotiator?

Negotiation is all about finding a solution to a problem.  You want to find the best deal for yourself and the other party wants to do the same.  Since  these objectives frequently appear to be in conflict, what you really want to do is find the best deal for both of you.  That way everybody […]

PRICE™ System for Negotiation

When you are ready to do a deal, do you jump in and negotiate?  Many people do and they do not fare as well as they could.  Negotiations can be approached many ways. A good way to be consistently successful is to have a systematic process.  I have broken the negotiation process into five basic […]

Negotiation Tip – Nibblers and How to Deal With Them

When negotiating, you need to watch out for nibblers and know how to deal with them.  Nibbling is a common negotiation technique, is subtle and can be expensive if you are not careful.   Nibbling is simply asking for extras after the deal is struck.  Here are a couple of examples.  If you are buying […]

Improving Your Cash Flow

One way to see how your business is doing is to look at your cash flow and find ways to improve it.  Cash flow is simply the amount of money you have left after operational, depreciation of assets, and investing activities.  A good cash flow is a key indicator of a successful and growing business.  […]

Negotiation Tip- Countering an Argument in Negotiation with “Feel, Felt, Found”.

The other party and you are in disagreement over an issue in a negotiation.  How can you counter their argument without destroying the relationship? Use a little negotiation jujitsu with an effective technique called “Feel, Felt, Found”.   Let’s say you have an offer for your program that includes several options such as a book […]

Negotiating Tip – Who Has The Power In a Negotiation?

Part of developing your negotiation position is determining who has the power in a negotiation.  Are you the stronger or the weaker party?  Does it matter?  I recently helped a client develop a strategy to negotiate an agreement with another company.  The other company had written the agreement and needless to say it was very […]

Negotiation Tip -Dealing with Aggressive Negotiators

We all have our negotiation styles and there is no perfect or optimum style.  However certain individuals seem to think that an aggressive style will let them get their way.  So what do you do if you end up across the table from a really aggressive negotiator who is angry, a bully, or aggressive?  Here […]

Negotiation Tip: Walking Away From a Negotiation is Hard to Do

Last week I discussed alternatives and why they were important to have in a negotiation.  Having options and being able to walk away from a negotiation is one of the primary reasons.  Not feeling like it is this deal or nothing gives you more flexibility in your negotiation.  However it is hard to do because […]

Negotiation Tip: The Importance of Alternatives in Negotiation

One of my key steps in preparing to negotiate is to know your alternatives.  In other words, what do you do if you cannot make this deal?  A key factor in negotiating is the ability to walk away from the negotiation.  If you have viable alternatives to having to make this deal; you are in a […]