About Bill Painter

Bill Painter founded Business Negotiation Services to help small business owners get better deals. Bill coaches entrepreneurs and small business owners in negotiation techniques and set-up strategies to make sure they don’t leave money on the table.

With over three decades of corporate experience, Bill is an expert at showing clients how to ask for more and get it. He takes pride in saving business owners both time and money, and in leveling the playing field for smaller businesses who tend not to have the experience or expertise in negotiation they sometimes need. Bill has saved clients tens of thousands of dollars. Often, before working with Bill, these business owners didn’t even realize they could negotiate to improve their bottom line.

Bill is an award-winning negotiator. During his corporate career he received an award from Lockheed Martin Corporation along with numerous bonuses for his work. He’s a 30-year member of National Contract Managers Association, a Certified Professional Contracts Manager, and a Fellow of NCMA. He brings invaluable experience to both the buyer and seller sides of the negotiating table.

Bill has negotiated and administered over 3,000 contracts, from no-cost to team negotiations for $5 billion. Together Bill and his wife, Sue, ran a successful antique business where he negotiated with both with dealers and buyers in the United States and in foreign markets.

Bill is a skilled teacher and trainer. His PRIDE negotiation process gives business owners  confidence in five key areas of negotiation. Bill has taught negotiation for Lockheed Martin, Battelle, the National Contract Managers Association, East Tennessee Chapter of National Association of Purchasing Managers, and Event Planners Association. He is a trained mediator and served as adjunct faculty at Pellissippi State Technical Community College for many years. He was a certified trainer for Kepner-Tragoe Company, training several hundred people in project management.

Aside from the real-world experience that only hands-on negotiation can provide, Bill has earned several certifications that add to his credibility. Besides being one of NCMA’s Fellows, he is a Certified Debt Settlement Administrator through the International Association of Debt Settlement Arbitrators. Bill holds two Certified Rule 31 Mediator titles for the Supreme Court of Tennessee, including Civil Matters and Mediator Family and Divorce Matters.

Bill is a graduate of Auburn University with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Management and a Master’s in Business Administration. He is a Certified Professional Contracts Manager and was awarded Fellow status by the National Contracts Management Association.

Bill joined the staff at ORNL in 1984 after service in the United States Air Force as a Contracting Officer, working at the Los Alamos National Laboratory and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.  He also worked at Lockheed Martin Aerospace Corporation as a supervisor of Major Subcontracts. Prior to joining the Technology Transfer division, he worked in Procurement as a Senior Subcontract Administrator as well as in Prime Contracts as a Senior Contract Administrator.

While at ORNL, Bill worked with a non-profit research institute and negotiated the first funds-in grant for research for a non-governmental entity. This included developing acceptable terms and conditions and cost-reimbursement provisions. This grant became the model and process for accepting additional grants at the laboratory. In addition as a prime contract administrator, he made determinations of allowed costs for both a profit and non-profit contractor and worked with numerous non-profit institutions and universities negotiating grant flow-down terms and conditions.

Bill founded Business Negotiation Services after working with business owners that needed help in understanding contracts they were given to sign. They often did not know how to respond or how to ask the right questions.

Bill provides advice and strategy as well as consulting, coaching, and training in negotiations. He can provide turnkey services, conducting negotiations on his client’s behalf.

Professionally, Bill is proudest of being able to help clients gain confidence in negotiations. His track record speaks for itself.

  • One of his clients, an event planner, had an issue regarding liability insurance that kept a key contract out of reach. Bill quickly and accurately assessed the situation and showed her how she could obtain the insurance coverage contract needed to be fully protected. Additionally he developed a services contract for her to hire a subcontractor to help her with events. The agreement provided protection and subcontracted support within the event planner’s budget. As her business grew, Bill coached her to negotiate a new lease in her favor at about half of the original lease price would saving her over $6,000 per year and giving her confidence to negotiate future deals for herself.
  • He helped a song writer and performer resolve a dispute over business name usage and domain name transfer. Although the business name was registered in her home state, the other company used the name on national basis and threatened to issue a “cease and desist” on her website. Bill helped her negotiate a selling price for her domain name that was several times more than she had valued. More importantly, he coached her to have the confidence to stand behind her offer and negotiate with the larger business, saving her thousands of dollars.
  • He’s a certified debt specialist who can help clients get out from under debt quickly. He negotiated $54,000 in debt to a credit card company down to $18,000, settling the debt within three months.

When Bill isn’t busy speaking, training clients to incorporate his five-step PRIDE process or showing businesses how to ask for more and get it, he enjoys leisure time with his wife, Sue. His passions include, travel and exploring new places, fishing and wood turning.